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Summer Camps 2023

This program is presented by Discovery Kids Camps in collaboration with Empire Kids.  Summer Excursions are designed to engage and enrich a child's summer experience through high quality, skill-building activities. 

What to Bring:  Each day bring a lunch and water bottle labeled with name.

Summer Excursions

Immediately receive your flower lies necklace upon arrival and jump into the fun. Head over to stretching stations first! From there is time to pull body positions and work on taking flight in the air! This camp is specifically designed for those interested in Coed Stunting! Learn to fly on 1 to 2 people and build the confidence you have been waiting for!

This camp is for the Princess who deserves the red carpet! It’s time to be treated as royalty.

Come dressed in your favorite princess attire that is fit for a day full of fun, tea parties, movies, and coloring books that’s just for you!


This camp is for those who have always wanted to dress up as their favorite superhero

and jump all around the gym and take flight on the trampoline.


This camp might be the most cheerful camp you have ever attended! You will be doing all things cheer! Jumps, motions, tumbling & stunts! Learn a routine and so much more! Beginner and Advanced cheerleaders are welcome!


This camp is all about red white & blue! You might even snag a Popsicle after the battle of the Nerf Wars! Obstacles will be set up all across the gym for the perfect attack set up! Bring your 'A-Game' - and we will cover the rest!


This camp is a bit wacky! Come dressed in your crazy attire. We don’t judge. We’re all a little mad here! This might be the craziest Ninja Camp you have ever seen. Get ready to run, jump and learn your best Ninja moves.


This's game time!

Come ready to learn, play, make new friends, and have fun all at the same time.  No big kids allowed - this is an all-exclusive preschool camp!


This camp is all about you!

Come light up the gym with your best tumbling skills!  Show off your hard work for the camera - and you may even snag a few new skills in as you steal the red carpet.


This camp is only for the best pirates and princesses around! This is s'arrrrr! to be the funnest Gymnastics camp around! Although the Bars, Beam, Vault, and Floor may be fun ... will you be ready to ...

Walk the Plank?


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Summer Camp Packet!

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