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Classes & Programs

Empire Kids offers a variety of classes and programs to meet your athlete's needs, from all-star cheerleading to tumbling classes to Tumble Bears and Ninja Academy. We have a program for children ages 12 months to 18 years. Contact us today for a free trial class! 

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Ninja Academy

Classes for ages 5 to 18, with a focus on overall body awareness & development by drawing elements from Parkour, Tumbling, Acrobatics, Martial Arts, and Gymnastics

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Tumble Bearz

For ages 6 months through six years old, Tumble Bears is designed for beginners to introduce your little one into the world of active play and tumbling while working on fine and gross motor skills, body awareness, and making friends ­in a fun-­filled, safe environment.

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Tryout and prepare for school instruction through Competitive Cheerleading for ages preschool and up.

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Empire Tumble Club

For ages four years to 18 years, Tumble Club is for beginning tumble to advanced, including advanced back handspring, tuck, layout and twist. 

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The Gymnastics Academy

Recreational Gymnastics for ages 6 to 18 years. 


Ready to join the Empire Family? 

Sign up for a free trial class and see how much fun we have here at Empire Kids!

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