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Preparing for School Tryouts

Cheer Tryout 101

Development of fundamental cheer skills including:

  • Motion technique

  • Crowd leading

  • Voice projection

  • Foundations of jumps

  • Cheer and chant choreography

  • Basic stunts

Jumps & Flexibility

  • Increase strength and flexibility

  • Focus on technique in each section of jump from approach to landing

  • Instruction on all elite jumps including toe touch, front/side hurdlers, and pike

  • Mastering jump connections

  • Incorporating standing tumbling transitions

  • For advanced jumpers, drilling hyper-extended technique

Hard Floor Tumbling

  • Tumbling skills transferred to the hard floor in preparations for try-outs

  • Standing and running tumbling

  • School specific try-out requirements 

  • Critiques based on school specific score sheets

School Cheer Tryout Clinic

  • Saturday, February 10th (9:00AM - 11:00AM)

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