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Inch by Inch

Introducing...Empire+ Membership!

By becoming an Empire+ Member, you will be granted access to the upstairs of Building 2, which will be exclusive only to Empire+ Members. 

Inch by Inch is an adult workout program designed to give parents time back in their busy schedules.

There's nothing more precious than your time.  And that's exactly "why" we designed Inch by Inch. 
Shuffling careers and children, along with all the demands of our everyday lives, often leaves you with little time to focus on yourself.  Now - we're helping you find that time - all while your kiddos are active and engaged as well.

Whether they are in ninja or tumble class or climbing in the Kid Kingdom tubes downstairs, you'll be on the same campus with them while sneaking in a workout for yourself too!  

Have kiddos in childcare at Connect?  Inch by Inch is perfect for you too.  Get a workout in before pickup ... or drop them in Kid Kingdom while you take a few minutes for yourself.

NOTE:  All Inch by Inch Members must make a reservation HERE to save your spot.  You will need the PROMO Code from the office so it does not charge you. Choose the window that corresponds with your arrival time. 


6:00 AM - 10:00 PM once key swipes are activated


14 & Up


Monthly Unlimited (thru November 30th) - $24.99 per household

Monthly Unlimited (starting December 1st) - $39.99 per household

Drop-In: $10.00 per person (during business hours only)

One year contract - can drop any time with 30 day notice

Tips for Registering:

  • Monthly Unlimited Promo Pricing is valid thru 11/30 at $24.99 per household. Join here

  • Monthly Unlimited Members will receive a key swipe access once the integration is completed in the coming weeks. For now - Inch by Inch will be open from 9AM-8PM. Once the integration is complete, you will be able to use the space from 5AM-10PM.

  • Drop In Passes are available here for $10 per day per person.

  • Unlimited Members - once you join at the link above, please do in at the RESERVE link to save your spot. In order for it to not charge you, you will need to get the PROMO CODE from the front desk or via text at 501-703-0457. To keep it efficient, we are limiting the number of people working out at one time! RESERVE


✗ No Parents, Guardians, or Family Members who are Convicted Sex-Offenders. 

✗ Age 14 and older only.  NO KIDS!

✗ Non-Household Grandparents will need their own membership. 

✗ Parents working out outside of Kid Kingdom hours will not be permitted to bring children under the age of 14 on-site due to lack of supervision available. 

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