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Intermediate Tumble


Age: 6-8 years

Starburst is a 60­ minute weekly class, offering a more advanced approach to learning for young athletes who have demonstrated progression past Tumble Bugs and/or Cheer Basics.

Experience level: This class is by Coach Recommendation only to ensure proper progressions and development.

Price: $75/month

Back Handspring 101 Youth

Youth: 6-9 years | Teen: 10-18 years

BHS 101 is Empire’s intermediate tumbling class where athletes will work to achieve both standing and running round­off back­handspring, while learning proper form and building necessary strength and muscle tone to progress to more elite skills.

Experience level: Cartwheel, Round­off, Back­bend Kick­over OR Walk­Over, and Handstand Hold.

Price: $75/month

Acro & Aerial Tumbling

Age: 6-18

Acro & Aerial Tumbling focuses on Advanced Tumbling skills specific to dancers and other trick tumblers wanting to progress their Specialty Tumbling Skills.

Experience level: Tumbling experience required.

Price: $75/month

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