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Advanced Tumble

Advanced Back Handspring

Youth: 6-9 years | Teen: 10-18 years

Advanced BHS is designed for athletes to learn to connect a series of both standing and round­off back handsprings, while learning proper form and building necessary strength and muscle tone to progress to more elite skills.

Experience level: Standing Back Handspring and Round­off+Back Handspring in proper form.

Price = $75/month


Youth: 6-9 years | Teen: 10-18 years

Tuck is designed for athletes to learn basic form for performing advanced tumbling skills, while achieving & perfecting running and standing tuck skills. Special emphasis will be placed on core, hip flexor, and low back strengthening and development.

Experience level: Standing & Running three Back­Handspring series in proper form.

Price = $75/month

Layout & Twist

Layout and Twist is currently Empire’s most elite tumbling class. Athletes will first focus on perfecting body form and height of the layout.

Once layout is achieved with correct form and height, athlete will be taught the proper form and technique of full twisting skills and beyond.

Experience level: Running Tuck and Standing skills into a Tuck.

Price = $95/month

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