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Welcome to Central Arkansas Youth Arts Collective at Empire!

Welcome to the Central Arkansas Youth Arts Collective (CAYAC) in partnership with Empire Kids. We're thrilled to embark on an artistic journey where we cultivate the innate talents of young artists in Saline County and Central Arkansas. We provide a stage for children to unleash their creativity and bolster their self-assurance.


Our journey begins with theater technique and performance classes, where we guide children in acting, mastering stage presence, and perfecting delivery. However, our artistic vision extends beyond the theater. We're excited to one day soon expand our program to feature dance, music, and technical theater classes, offering a well-rounded performing arts curriculum. Stay tuned for more info as we begin to grow!


Join us in our commitment to nurturing creativity and personal development in our young people. Together, we can mold the future artists of Central Arkansas. Welcome to CAYAC, where young talents bloom into artists.

Class Information

Tiny Theatre

Ages 5-7 years

This class teaches children the basics of theater, including listening, audience etiquette, expressing emotions, and using imagination. It's more than just acting - it's about empowering children to use their voice and collaborate effectively. Ideal for fostering creativity and communication skills.

Acting 1

Ages 8-12 years

Learn stage basics with our class, utilizing a curriculum based on Tiny Theatre principles. Master theatrical terms, tableau creation, emotional tongue-twisters, and body acting skills for an optimized performance.

Acting 2

Ages 13-18 years

Acting 2 advances from Acting 1, delving into complex emotions and character development while focusing on mechanics. This course encourages students to embrace vulnerability, emphasizing breath control, articulation, enunciation, and projection. It promotes connection with others, enhancing their acting skills.

Class Schedule Coming Soon

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